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What We Do

Leveraging 36 years’ experience in radio frequency technology in the 216 MHz to 2.4 GHz spectrum, Fleetwood’s engineers work with you to design, develop and manufacture wireless solutions that stand up to any competitor worldwide in terms of cost and quality. We are at your service right here in the U.S., with a manufacturing facility that works smarter, the certifications to assure top quality results, and the commitment and expertise of our entire team.

Working with Fleetwood gives you access to a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and technicians with mastery over the complete spectrum of design, development, and production – all the facets that add up to getting your best product in the hands of your consumers.

Experience, skill, speed, and responsiveness set us apart from other suppliers, who may specialize in product design or manufacturing, but not both at the same locale, with a fully integrated process that allows immediate communication between disciplines.

When you assign Fleetwood to manage your product development and manufacturing chain, you have at your service all of our hardware, software, and R&D engineers, as well as CADD specialists, electronics technicians, and operations personnel. Together, we make up a team of experts – supported by 21st century technology and equipment – who develop solutions, test processes, and troubleshoot manufacturing to save you time and money to make you a global competitor in your field – just as we are in ours.

We’d love to tell you more about the amazing technologies that support our expert staff — which result in the highest standards for you. Get in touch with us for more details. An enthusiastic and knowledgeable team member will reply to you ASAP.

Combining the best in hardware, firmware, and software expertise, our engineers design for today’s consumers with functional ergonomics, pleasing aesthetics, and peerless technical performance.

Turn to Fleetwood Electronics to:

  • Create high-speed, high-bandwidth wireless RF technology with robust communication protocols that allow multiple signals to be processed in a congested RF environment – like the ever-growing WiFi landscape.
  • Devise optimal combinations of range, speed, battery life, and product cost for wireless RF devices, setting us apart from suppliers who don’t focus on wireless production.
  • Apply 21st century ingenuity to the design and production of transceivers, low-noise enhanced-sensitivity amplifiers, and power amplifiers.
  • Optimize printed circuit board (PCB) layouts for performance and ease of manufacturing.
  • Employ nuanced design of PCBs with embedded antennas, maximizing efficiency and selectivity, minimizing interference, and controlling power consumption.

Assign Fleetwood from the start for product design and development

For the best in intuitive user interfaces and product ergonomics, let Fleetwood’s design engineers weigh in on product strategy and manufacturing process from the beginning to bring you manufacturing efficiency and mechanical performance. With 3-D CAD design and solid modeling, we can show you exactly how your finished product will look.

With over five million wireless devices in the field, customers nationwide are experiencing Fleetwood’s world-class quality and reliability every day. Let us provide the planning capabilities, engineering expertise, and professional service you need in a product design and manufacturing partner.

Why design your product here and manufacture it on the other side of the world? If you’ve ever worked with multiple suppliers on a single project, especially if one or more is overseas, you may have experienced the frustration of delays and communications breakdown. We solve those concerns and bring you efficiency and responsiveness from one location.

Collaborating engineers see the big picture and catch problems while they’re small. When design and manufacturing engineers work together from the start, potential issues are addressed before they become production problems. Working in tandem, collaboration is immediate, and face to face.

World-class standards + continual innovation = a globally competitive partner. Because we’ve made ongoing investment in cutting-edge equipment – with highly automated surface-mount production, testing, and inspection equipment – we can compete with offshore vendors on both cost and quality.

100% testing and inspection with top flight lasers & robotics. We conduct continuous testing on every single product we build. Before shipping, each board is powered up and run through a suite of automated tests with Orbotech and Samsung equipment – including 3-D laser volumetric and location inspection, automated optical inspection, and programmable actuator systems to verify performance of keypad commands and systems.

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