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Who We Are

The Fleetwood Electronics division was formed in 1959 initially producing electronics systems for school language labs later migrating this application to wireless technology. We are part of the Fleetwood Group, which was formed in 1955 on two basic principles:

  • Innovative product ideas
  • Giving a generous portion of our proceeds to support Christian missions
We deliver significant experience in the “art” and science of RF Wireless product development, and bring innovation and creativity to every product solution.
Fleetwood Electronics continues with this vision as Michigan company of 160 team members with a worldwide impact. Fleetwood Group is financially strong and 100% employee owned. In fact, Fleetwood Group was named the top employee stock owned company in the USA by The ESOP Foundation in May 2006.

More recently we were named a finalist for the Wall Street Journal/Winning Workplaces 2009 award, and recognized as one of the Most Philanthropic Small Businesses in 2009. Also, Fleetwood Group was recently recognized by Winning Workplaces as a Pioneer Employer for 2011.

Located in Holland, Michigan USA, our 117,000 square foot facility was built in 1986 and renovated in 2007. It houses two divisions including Fleetwood Electronics.

Fleetwood Electronics is positioned 2 1/2 hours from Chicago, 2 1/2 hours from Metro Detroit and a half hour from the famed "Medical Mile" in Grand Rapids, Michigan, a burgeoning new regional center for life sciences and homeland security industry growth. The entire surrounding region is an area well known for its strong work ethic and diverse workforce.

We are also well-positioned for future growth: We have the ability to quickly scale our capacity for growth in our current 117,000 square-foot building and ultimately expand into a second 83,000 square-foot building located on our existing campus as our growth dictates.

During our more than 35 years in short-range wireless RF product design and manufacturing, Fleetwood Electronics has made continuing investments in dedicated, experienced technical staff. Our team members average 13 years of experience. Following is a summary of the skills and experience our people bring to your project.

Hardware/Embedded Firmware Development
Our hardware and embedded firmware team brings professional experience ranging from nine to 23 years. The combined skills of this team include Analog and Digital Hardware, C and C++ Firmware, Assembly language, Software/Test Code/Firmware.

RF Hardware Design
Highly specialized RF design expertise with over ten years of professional experience. Focus is on electronic hardware design with emphasis on RF/Analog systems and embedded antenna design. Tools include Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzer, Signal Generators, two on-site Shielded RF Chambers. Capabilities also include an on-site pre-certification range test facility.

High Level Software Development
Over a decade of experience in high-level software. Skills in Software Development and Test, C, C#, and C++ COBOL, Delphi, HTML, VB 6.0, .NET, Java, Sapiens, and DB2 certification.

Mechanical Design
Nearly 10 years of experience in mechanical and industrial design. Portfolio includes SolidEdge CAD design, surface modeling, and photo-realistic rendering using Illustrator and Photoshop. This is delivered in a coordinated development with the PCB design for optimized housing design, ESD management, and user interface.

Circuit Board Design
Our team has complete, in-house capability in PCB layout design, that is directly driven by the hardware schematic plan. We have proficiency in Pads Power Logic Schematic and PowerPCB layout software, Altium Designer, as well as various design, stencil and Gerber tools.

Technical Support
We have a full in-house laboratory for the construction and testing of prototypes. Skills include prototype PCB assembly and engineering support. Testing capabilities are supported by Thermal Chamber, Oven, Vibration and Mechanical shock equipment. Our prototyping portfolio also includes an SMT assembly station and CNC machine tools.

Project/Department Management
The Fleetwood Electronics R&D leadership team is highly seasoned and brings a combined 57 years of professional experience. Skills in R&D management, project management, analog and digital hardware, firmware, RF hardware, mechanical design, and intellectual property management.

Fleetwood Electronics holds certifications and has capabilities that give you assurance your product is manufactured in accordance with globally-recognized management and environmental principles. We have delivered wireless products to over 50 countries.

Our certifications and procedural capabilities include:

  • ISO-9001:2000: Received certification in 2004
  • ISO-9001:2008: Received certification in March 2009
  • IPC-610 Electronics Assembly Craftsmanship standards
  • RoHS compliant
  • WEEE protocol
  • product certifications from these government bodies:
    • FCC
    • Industry Canada
    • CE

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